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My End of Summer Bucket List

Stand next to the water one more time- we flew with our daughter to Florida this year. It was her first time on an airplane which was an adventure. We would like to at the beach, lake or even next to the harbor one more time ; preferably somewhere a little closer. 
Visit the animals- my daughter is at the age where she loves animals. She’s starting to recognize different animals when we’re out and about. It would be super cute to see them up close at a zoo or petting farm. We visited the aquarium recently and she had a blast.
Attend a football game- this is a tradition for my husband and I. We like to attend a pre-season game and try to make it to a regular season game as well. This will hopefully be the very end of summer or early fall. So fun!
Have a seafood feast- crab feasts have always been a thing in our family. Buying a ton of crabs and eating them until you explode is a tradition. I would like to do this one more time before they go out of season.
Try a restaurant that we’ve never…
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Wardrobe Basics- Investing in a Little Black Midi Dress (LBMD)

Hello Everyone! This week's topic is about of the most worn and versatile items in my closet; the black midi dress! Purchasing a good quality midi is a must have. I absolutely love it! It was a bit of a splurge but was 100% worth it. Here’s why:

It can be worn all year- the right fabric can be worn from season to season. I opted for a stretchy cotton material that works for warm days. It is also perfect for layering on cooler days. The midi length is great for any type of weather honestly. I love pairing it with sandals just as much as under my biker jacket like I did here:
You can wear it through various stages of your life- I’ve worn my black midi dress when I used to work AND now that I’m a stay at home mom. I recently threw it on with a pair of Stan Smith’s while at the aquarium with my family. The length is appropriate for any lifestyle and practically anywhere that you go. The fabric is so good that I also wore it through out my pregnancy. There was absolutely no stretching o…

Vini Culture- An Evening at a Wine Bar

Last weekend we visited a local wine bar, Vini Culture, for the first time. It was such fun experience. One of the pros is that you can choose from a large variety of the wines provided. Find one that you love? Fill up your glass with it right there! At Vini Culture you load a pre-paid card (the experience starts at around $25) and insert your card into the wine dispenser. You can then choose from a tasing or full glass. It’s super fun and you defiantly get the bang for your buck.

The menu is super cute. It’s mostly food that pair well with wine like cheeses, bruschetta and sandwiches. The bruschetta and steak and cheese flatbread is defiantly recommended! Their raspberry cheesecake is also wonderful for a sweet dessert.
Finally, the environment is super laid back. You don’t feel rushed which is always pleasant. It’s a great way to unwind from a long day. On a Saturday night the crowd is a lot of fun. There is sometimes live music which is always enjoyable. This past Saturday was a J…

What We Didn't Need For Traveling with a Toddler- Air Travel + The Beach

Hi Everyone! This week's blog is a little bit about traveling with a toddler. It was our first air travel and trip overall that was not visiting family with our daughter. I'm so glad that we did it but it's defiantly not for the faint of heart, haha. Packing was actually one of the easier parts looking back on everything, but because it was our first "real trip" with a child I completely overpacked. Here is a quick run down of what we did not need for her during out trip to Florida (a quick beach getaway).

A ton of clothes- So hear me out on this one. I know one of the golden rules when going anywhere with a toddler is to always bring extra clothes, but because we went on a beach trip doing wet laundry was inevitable. I ended up washing clothes that all of us wore previous days, therefor we did not use a lot of what we brought. Me or her could have ditched a few outfits and saved some space.

Extra swim diapers- I completely over packed in this department. She ende…

Q & A

Hi everyone! This week’s post is a quick Q + A. A few weeks ago on my Instagram stories I asked you guys for questions that you may have about blogging, fashion or anything really. I am not an expert on any of these topics. I did this in hopes to encourage other new bloggers like myself or those who might be thinking about starting a blog. I hope that you find it helpful. 

How did you start your blog? I’ve actually blogged for a long time but never really put it out there in the open. It was something that I did for fun on a lesser known site. One day I googled 'blogging platforms' and from there I became a little more serious about it. It took some courage for me to decide to share what I write, but I'm happy that I did. 
What blogging platform do you use?  Blogger
Did you have to buy a theme for your blog? I did not. I used a pre-uploaded one then did quite a bit of tweaking from there. It was time consuming but I like that it's customized. In the future I probably wil…

Memorial Day Recap

I would like to begin this post by thanking all of the men and women who served, are still severing and pay respects to those whom we've lost while serving our country. Rest In Peace SGM Turner.

Memorial Day is a fun holiday; long weekend, beach and pool days, cookouts, or whatever your traditions are. I'd like to share a quick recap of our family time this holiday.

Ice cream- what is a holiday without sweets? Our daughter let us know that she had to go potty over the holiday! Yay! So we went out for a quick holiday/potty training treat.

Crabs- have always been a summer time holiday tradition growing up in my family. Crab everythinggg in the summer. We did the same this Memorial Day. Nothing better than Maryland crabs. I also made a cajun boil with corn, potatoes, and beef sausage. OMG, so good. I put the recipe below!

Crab boil seasoning side dish 6 small frozen ears of corn 2 packs beef sausage Small bag of red potatoes (about 12)  1-4oz pack of crab boil seasoning (I use Zata…

How to Safely Shop for Second Hand Items

I absolutely love thrifting. It's kind of a hobby of mine. I shop everywhere from consignment shops to the Goodwill. Even though it is a blast and saves so much money, thrifting (arguably) has a bad rep for some people. The most common reason is, well, you have no idea what kind of environment these items came from. I totally get it and honestly I am still super cautious because of this. I’ve shared some of the precautions that I have learned to take from thrifting over the years. Up to this day I have not had a problem with infestations or anything yucky.

Leave items in the environment- I always leave the items in the baking hot or freezing cold environment for at least two days. I choose my car trunk. This way I can make sure that anything that may have been alive is no longer. This works the best on those scorching summer days or below freezing winter days. If it’s somewhere in between it may not be as effective. In that case I follow the next step.
Launder immediately-I either …